About Jordan

Jordan is a digital media expert that specializes in social media marketing & brand development for small brands and entrepreneurs looking to enhance their presence online.

Jordan has been involved in the social media marketing industry for the past decade and stays abreast continuously of all innovative strategies and marketing techniques to catapult your business to the next level with social media marketing strategies and tactics.

He has taken on various projects like beginning in affiliate marketing by mastering Twitter back in 2012 to moving social and digital advertising ads and constructing his own social growth platform called FLXR. He is a huge believer in the team and understands that playing your role is the most essential skill when looking to execute projects or handle tasks successfully.


Jordan is also a go-to-market strategy expert with advanced knowledge in social media marketing that has provided results for multiple clients that are looking to grow their communities online and brand representation.


Jordan received his B.S in Marketing from Ohio University in 2016. 


Automated Retail Technology

PopCom is an Automated Retail solution that is looking to equip entrepreneurs and brands with future-ready retail solutions that allow rapid retail expansion, incredible customer experiences, and powerful sales data. Jordan had the opportunity to work, learn and grow their communities & reputation online.

Digital Creative Agency

Timeless Media is a social-led creative agency that focuses on empowering small businesses and entrepreneurs online and on social media. Their goal is to create & grow the client's voice online and awareness of their brand. The team specializes in branding, social media marketing, web design, and content marketing. Jordan is the Co-Founder & CEO of Timeless Media. 

Global Tobacco Brand 

Backwood Cigars, a premium tobacco brand that has taken a storm up in the tobacco industry as it has become a popular demand, especially in pop culture and music industry. Presented an amazing opportunity, Jordan was responsible for creating and curating content for Backwood Cigars' Instagram.    

Social Media Growth Service

Flxr, a social media solution that was created to assist brands and creatives with reaching their respective audiences & building their brands on social media. Jordan is a partner in the creation of this platform.

Medical Digital Advertising  

With a focus on continuous innovation, PatientPop offers the first all-in-one medical practice growth platform that's delivering measurable improvements and is proven to grow each practice that they have work with. Jordan was apart of their social media team, editing, creating and curating copy for various medical practices such as cosmetics surgeons and dentist.


American Music Artist & Head Chef

Kelis is an American music artist that has placed herself as an icon in the music industry with her many platinum and unforgettable records. Kelis has placed her music career on the back burner and began to pursue her other passion, which is cooking. She is now the head chef for her brand Bounty + Full. Jordan worked with her social media team to create a strategy to continue to enhance her personal brand as well as create and grow her newest endeavor, Bounty + Full


Holistic Spa & Wellness Center

Glō Essence is an up and coming luxury holistic spa that resides in Columbus, Ohio. Glō Essence offers all-natural skincare solutions to enhance your natural glow in your skin. Jordan has presented the opportunity to help develop the overall business model to create a profitable skin care company and a prosperous and trustworthy brand. We are currently executing marketing strategies that we have established to focus on brand awareness and increasing clientele.