• Jordan D. Collins

Timeless Blog Vol II. The Importance of Branding.

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Entering the world, many young creatives with multiple niches of arts, looking for their next best opportunity that they can create. With this, many do not have a surrounding brand supporting them with any of their projects and no loyal audience that is influenced by what they may be doing behind their Instagram.

The number one rule when aiming to create a product/service is to BE SURE to develop and establish your brand before releasing and promoting the projects or products. Building the brand is vital because as a product is looking to roll out if it doesn't have a strong influence behind it, there's a chance that it doesn't sell & develop as much revenue as previously planning.

Branding begins your journey of growing a successful business and living the lifestyle you always dreamed of. Starting the growth of your brand allows you to have freedom, but still, you need to understand the type of audience you are looking to target, as well as the way you are trying to be displayed to the world. As your looking into developing your brand, it all starts with your branding assets. (logo, color palette, font family).

There are many components when developing your brand but if you are unable to display and tell your story and mission on “why” you are creating this company, then your company cannot be as much of a success as you would like it to be. Creating the company must have a “why” because this allows your audience to relate to your mission and appreciate the value that you are providing them rather than just selling them a product that does not produce value. As you continue to dig into your companies values and your “why,” it will begin to reveal all your necessary steps that are needed to be taken to create a successful brand and business across the board.

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