• Jordan D. Collins

Timeless Blog Vol.III: Why

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

With technology continuing to develop each day, many more young entrepreneurs are becoming created because of the easier accessibility of the internet and how things are being purchased and distributed these days. Young people have the vision of owning their own business and living their best lifestyle but what many don't realize is that this is hard work and you must present your “why” you're pursuing what you are doing. Without understanding your why and what value you may provide to your existing or future consumers then you will not feel invested to the fullest potential that your company or project may expand.

Understanding Your Why

Understanding your "why" is a huge asset when it comes to pursuing your dreams or looking to build a project that you are fully invested too. Participating in investments and creative building projects take a great amount of invested time and effort as well as sometimes self-funded capital. With the internet evolving daily, many young people are beginning to discover ways to gain revenue through the internet, and they aren't put any value behind what they are doing. When someone sees an individual that is living the lifestyle that they want to live, they will try and follow in the same footsteps as that people not realizing the hard work and efforts that are placed into their success. Understanding your "why" helps you understand why are you providing this service that your an expert at, or why is this product the best one in your niche? How is this service or product going to help them further their lives or careers or is this just another product looking for quick revenue. Many of these companies that are producing products and selling without really being invested or showing their consumers the value, they will not have very much longevity. An example of a company that shows their “why” and it is Apple. Apple does a tremendous job explaining their “why” when they are releasing products and services. When creating products, Apple explains the value that their products are providing to the consumers by placing their products in real life settings and setting their price, where it would make ethical sense from a company’s financial standpoint. As they set their barriers and costs for their products, they are very consistent with their prices being higher on the market, but they know their value is worth this amount. Apple has established such a significant following that many may say it’s a cult following, but they were just able to produce products and present their value to on how these products will improve your everyday lifestyle at the click of a button.

Your “Why”

While aiming to build a brand or build a company, your “why” is very vital especially in this day and age with some many people working to be in the same niche that you may in. Competition is at an all-time high now in the internet age. Understanding your “why” is what will keep you in the game and at the top of your game.

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