• Jordan D. Collins

Timeless Blog Vol. V: Understanding Your Value

Creatives from all over have the ambition to live a luxury lifestyle while executing what they love. Traveling, homes, and incredible vehicles, but when it comes to the process to obtain this, many aren't willing to continue because it's challenging or takes too long. When someone doesn't understand the process, they don't recognize the value in what they are pursuing anymore or not once saw it in the first place.

Understanding the values of what you are pursuing represents a crucial part of enhancing your success. You must express what benefit you provide. When developing yourself on social media, you must understand that you have to treat yourself as a brand and a developing business. Understanding and knowing your worth and the mission is key to having an established and reliable presence online.

Values that help you develop your brand & value on social media.

1) Have A Story - People on social media are on social media to be entertained and informed, but they follow someone that influences them. They are affected by their story or their way of life. Have a story that the mass would like and relate too for the duration of the campaign as you grow your brand & yourself all the way.

2) Be Truthful - When it comes to growing on social media, many individuals produce content that perceives them to be perfect or someone they may not be. When you can stay truthful with your process, you can develop a loyal fan base successfully that loves to interact with you. Your current audience wants to see your life and be apart of the process of their favorite influences new projects. When your audience is in tune with your vision, they are loyal when it's time for your project to be released.

3) Engage - While aiming to develop an influential audience and fan base, you must to engage with them as well. Engaging with your audience is vital because this provides your brand with a voice, and you're just not another company that is looking to promote products. People that follow your brand want to hear from you. They feel as you care about them because you represent your brand and engage with them, which many companies don't do. Engaging will create & establish more opportunity for cross-promotion if offering products & services.

4) Creating & Releasing Quality Content - When looking to develop your brand online, you have to showcase your product or service to your social channels through the different outlets. With the new algorithms on social media, you have to post consistently to get seen on the most social pages which produce significant exposure. Creating content is the most crucial aspect when you are looking to build your brand. Curating the content is the second most vital part because you have to formulate a strategy together to produce your vision online.

Understanding your value and mission for your brand is vital. When looking to develop your small brand into a notable brand, the key is to grow a loyal and robust audience that is consistently engaging with you. As you continue to expand your lifestyle and build steadily through your profile, you begin to absorb people that are influenced by you and what you do. We aim to take young and upcoming brands and professionals to the next level in their business endeavors by receiving new and potential customers as well as retaining the existing patients from their online presence & develop their brands. As we establish and promote them as a brand, we will have the opportunity to collaborate with larger brands that will provide promotion for this growing brand.

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