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Timeless Media 

Digital Creative Agency

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Timeless Media is a social-led creative agency focusing on empowering and educating the growing business and entrepreneurs of the importance of social media marketing and how they can provide the solutions to improve building your audience online.

Timeless Media was created to really assist and educate the growing company and entrepreneur on the importance of social media and enhancing their voice online. As the client understands the importance on marketing on social media, then Timeless will focus on goals and understanding exactly what audience to target and how to target them.


Timeless Media focuses on social media advertising, such as social media marketing and paid media on all social media platforms. The team specializes in branding, social media marketing, social advertising, and content marketing.

Jordan and his partner, Julian Howard discovered the skills to grant endless opportunities and endless possibilities for companies and individuals looking to take their business to the next level online and social media.